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Why Us?

We wanted to improve the way people in Britain sleep, by offering luxury mattresses that are affordable to as many people as possible.

The world is made up of individuals, and one mattress doesn't suit everyone. Our challenge was to craft a range of mattresses so everyone could have their perfect night’s sleep.

Our research showed that when people buy a mattress, they will either choose one made from high tech foam or buy one with springs. This is because some people like a foamy feel, and some people like a little more spring in their step. So we made 3 perfect mattresses!

After the success of our mattresses we have now added the following products to our Hyde and Sleep family: Intelligent pillows that keep you cool, super soft sheets infused with Aloe Vera, an all year round cosy duvet and finally a mattress protector to keep your mattress in tip top condition.


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