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Our Mattresses


Q: Who are we?
Hyde & Sleep are part of the UK’s leading bed specialist, Dreams. With over 30 years’ experience in the mattress industry, we’re confident we can provide a great night’s sleep for all!
Q: Which mattress is best for me?
Our research shows people like their mattress to feel diverse in firmness. With this information in mind, we have made the perfect version to suit everyone. Our Hybrid Plus comes in three different firmness ratings, medium, firm and very firm.
Q: What are the mattresses made out of?
Our award-winning raspberry trimmed Hybrid Plus mattress is a unique combination of both memory and 2000 pocket springs for the sleeper who prefers a firmer surface with a slight spring.

All our mattresses are a whopping 25cm of pure comfort. If you're really into the detail, explore the 'Technical Information' sections on our product pages.
Q: How heavy are the mattresses?
Choose your preferred mattress style and size to find the weight:

Hybrid Plus Medium Mattress:
  • Single - 17kg
  • Double - 25kg
  • King - 30kg
  • Super King - 31kg
Hybrid Plus Firm Mattress:
  • Single - 18kg
  • Double - 25kg
  • King - 29kg
  • Super King -36kg
Hybrid Plus Very Firm Mattress:
  • Single - 18kg
  • Double - 27kg
  • King - 30Kg
  • Super King - 36kg
Q: How much weight does the mattress hold?
Up to 19 stone / 120kgs per person.
Q: What are the dimensions of the mattresses?
Single – 90cm x 190cm
Double – 135cm x 190cm
King – 150cm x 200cm
Super King – 180cm x 200cm

Our Hybrid Plus Medium, Firm and Very Firm range are a whopping 25cm thick.
Q: Will the mattresses work with all bed types?
That’s correct – our mattresses are designed to work with all bed bases. Slatted beds should not have a width exceeding 7cm between slats. Our mattresses can also be used directly on the floor if you choose. The mattress is always to be laid flat.
Q: Where do you manufacture, and what safety tests are taken for the Hyde & Sleep mattress?
Our mattresses and springs are all British made, and skilfully constructed in the UK by our team of expert mattress makers.

Our manufacturer is a National Bed Federation Approved Member (2016) – having been successfully audited by EXOVA BM TRADA against the NBF’s strict code of practice which sets out criteria for ensuring processes and procedures are in place for supply chain scrutiny and compliance with regulatory requirements, including flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.

They were also recognised by the NBF with a highly commended award for the 2015/16 Bed Manufacturer of the Year and they have received the SEDEX/SMETA Best Practice Guidance accreditation.

All foam in the manufacture of our mattresses are CFC free and all components comply with UK fire regulations BS7177 Low hazard for domestic use - the most stringent in the industry.

Q: Why does my mattress’s zip appear to be broken?
The mattress cover does not feature a full zip as it should not be removed and is very difficult to put back on. We recommend that you do not remove the cover to wash it, but take the best possible care of your mattress by following our solutions in our Aftercare questions.

Bed Frame


Q: What are the Dimensions of my bed base?
Headboard height - 103.5cm
Footend height - 31cm
Floor to bottom of siderail height - 2.5cm
Floor to top of siderail height - 31cm

Double - W 146cm x L 212cm
King - W 161cm x L 222cm
Super King - W 191cm x L 222cm
Q: How heavy are the bed bases?
Double - 91kg
King - 100kg
Super King - 112kg
Q: Will you assemble my bed?
Of course we will, our 2 man team will assemble your bed base for a small fee. If you would like to assemble your bed, please find our assembly instructions on our website.
Q: What if my bed base is faulty?
Please email us at sales@hydeandsleep.com
Q: What is the guarantee period on my bed base?
12 month manufacturing guarantee from the date of delivery
Q: What's included in my package?
Package 1: Head & Foot End, Leg,Base
Package 2: Side Rails, Cross Rail, Cross supported
Package 3: Frame, Mechanisms, Cylinder



Q: Can I place my order over the phone?
Yes we can, although we do encourage you to place your order on our website and we will happily walk you through it.

If you did want us to place the order for you, we will be able to assist you under the following conditions:
  • We will contact you from un unrecorded line
  • You will need to pay using a credit or debit card
  • Your billing and shipping address will need to be the same
Q: Do you offer a trial period on all your mattresses? How does it work?
Oh yes, we offer a trial period of 40 nights on all mattresses. We advise that you wait at least 30 nights before initiating an exchange on your mattress to allow you enough time to get used to it. If before 40 nights and after 30 nights you are still unsatisfied with the mattress for whatever reason – Hyde & Sleep will exchange a like for like mattress free of charge providing that a mattress protector was used and that the mattress is not marked or soiled. Choose from a choice of mattresses, if you do prefer a higher priced mattress, then the difference must be paid at reselection. We are unable to refund any difference in price if a lower price mattress is selected. For more information, visit our Returns & Refunds page.
Q: Do you offer any finance options?
Yes! We wanted to team up with a name you know and trust, so we're proud to work with Barclays Partner Finance. They can offer interest free credit on all purchases above £250.00. Read our Finance page thoroughly to understand how this option works.
Q: Do you have a showroom?
You can test our mattresses at any Dreams store nationwide. To find your closest Dreams store, please visit www.dreams.co.uk



Q: Do you deliver over the weekend?
Dreams Fleet Delivery: Room of Choice option, this will be delivered to your room of choice Monday to Friday 7am to Saturday 6pm. Please note, that our Saturday option will have an extra charge of £25. You can choose the best option for you during the checkout process, or read more details on our Delivery page.
Q: What time will my order be delivered? Can I get a specific time slot?
We will deliver to your room of choice and you will get a text from us beforehand stating your 2 hour delivery time slot.
Q: Can my order be left somewhere else if I am out?
All orders require a signature, so I'm afraid we can't just leave it round the side gate.
Q: Do we deliver outside the UK and in Europe?
As of yet, we do not ship to Europe. Please see our Delivery page for more details.
Q: Can I change my address?
Once you have placed your order, if you need to change your delivery address, you will have to supply us with the following information for security reasons:
  • Photo ID
  • A utilities bill with your name and new address
Unfortunately, we will not be able to change your address if you have paid by finance.

When it arrives


Q: Do you dispose of my old mattress?
Yes. Please see details below.



Q: How do I prepare my Mattress / Bed Frame for recycling?
We will send you a bag for you to place your mattress in. On the day of collection, and after your call from our team, please make sure that your old mattress is securely wrapped in its bag and sealed with tape.

If your mattress is super king size, it will not be covered entirely by the bag. Please slit one side of the bag and seal the protruding edge securely with tape.

We will collect your old mattress while delivering your new one.

Bed Frame:
You will need to make sure that your Bed Frame is fully dismantled. All drawers will need to be emptied and unbolted. Our delivery team will tape the pieces of your frame together and take it away.
Q: What happens to my old bed or mattress?
Firstly, we disassemble your mattress. All the different materials are separated and compacted into large bales to help save space when we transport to recycling destinations.

Metal Springs:
We send metal springs to a metal plant to be melted down into light iron products.

The foam in your mattress will be used as energy from waste generation or, once cleaned; it is used as underlay for carpets.
Polyester padding: The padding is used by the fibre blending industry as fillings in cushions for pets.

Mattress covers:
For hygiene reasons, mattress covers are difficult to recycle. Therefore, they are turned into fuels as an alternative source to fossil fuels, creating green energy and heat.
Q: Will any of my mattress/bedframe become Landfill?
We're committed to the environment and make sure that no part of your old bed or mattress reaches a landfill. All recyclable materials are reused, and all other waste is turned into green-energy.



Q: Can I use an electric blanket on my mattress?
As memory foam is heat sensitive, softening and conforming to the body shape, the use of an electric blanket will give the mattress a softer feel. When the blanket is not in use the mattress will return to its original form.
Q: Why do you recommend I try the mattress for at least 30 nights before exchanging?
Every new mattress requires a ‘break in’ period. If you have been sleeping on your old mattress for a long time, the change to a new mattress (particularly memory foam) can feel quite different and may take some time to get used to.

If your old mattress had begun to break down, your body may have overcompensated to ensure you were supported when you slept. Therefore, it's incredibly important to give your body and the new mattress time to adjust to each other. The memory foam in your mattress will soften and stretch from your body weight and body heat over the first few weeks, softening the 'breaking in' period, just like a new pair of shoes.

You do have the whole of the 40 Comfort Exchange, and we will be here every step of the way to ensure you get the best nights' sleeps you'll ever have!
Q: Do the mattresses come with a guarantee?
Our research shows that a mattress should be changed every 10 years, so that's how long our guarantee is. That’s almost 3000 nights of peaceful sleep! We do not offer a warranty (our lawyers tell us there is a difference), but not to worry! The guarantee gives you all the protection you need.
Q: How do I clean and protect the mattresses/pillows?
Our mattress covers should not be removed for washing, as they are not designed for this. Instead use a soft, damp and clean cloth using small circular motions to clean your mattress. You may also use light fabric cleaning products. Our pillow cases are not washable and should be cleaned as above, we recommend using a pillow case for all pillows.
Q: How do I clean and protect the sheets/duvet/mattress protector?
All our accessories are machine washable, at a recommended 40 degrees. They can be tumble dried and ironed.
Q: My new mattress smells a little - is that normal?
Just like a new car, sometimes your mattress will arrive with something of the factory about it. This is totally normal and after a day or two it'll clear.
Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes we do. Our 10 year mattress guarantee covers normal domestic home use. You can find out more in our Terms & Conditions page.
Q: Do I need to turn my mattress?
Please rotate your mattress monthly, there is no need to flip it.
Q: My mattress has a slight dip, is this normal?
Over time your mattress will respond to your body’s weight and your memory foam layer will settle. FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) suggests that your mattress might settle to a 3.5cm in your first year. If you feel that the settlement is excessive then please visit our support centre @ www.dreams.co.uk/help
Q: Do I need a mattress protector?
Yes you do need to use one to be eligible for the 40 Comfort Exchange.
Q: How do I initiate an exchange?
If for whatever reason you would like to enquire about exchanging one of our products mattresses during our 40 Comfort Exchange, please visit our support centre @ www.dreams.co.uk/help

Once we've confirmed your request, we'll arrange for an exchange between Monday - Friday within a 2-hour time slot.
Q: What should I do if I have a further question or problem?
Our friendly UK-based team are ready to answer any questions you have, and we’ll do absolutely everything we can to put right any issues you have. To give you extra peace of mind we are also members of The Furniture Ombudsman, an independent government-sanctioned provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution services. This means that if you are still unhappy after going through our complaints procedure, you can be assured of a free, fair and impartial resolution to the case.