Made better, made by us.

Most mattress companies buy their mattresses from the same old big mattress factory. They don’t make their own, and they don’t know how to. This is where Hyde & Sleep is different. Our in-house team carefully manufacture each mattress using our own state of the art facilities and premium materials.

Made in Britain.

Our team of British engineers and sleep scientists are dedicated to re-inventing and improving Hyde & Sleep mattresses. Each engineer is an expert in their field, and by working together they ensure that our mattresses are best in class.

On the money.

Because we don’t buy our mattresses from a third party, we can pass that saving on to our customers. That’s why with Hyde & Sleep, you get a best in class mattresses for an unbeatable price.

A mattress made the modern way.

We use new and innovative materials, as well as state of the art machinery to design and manufacture you the most modern and comfortable mattress.

Time for bed

The award winning Hyde & Sleep mattress.

For a better bed time, you need a better mattress.